Arthur Conan Doyle
Living English Poets

Dr. A. Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859. He went to school at Stonyhurst in Lancashire, then studied in Germany, and finally completed his medical education at the University of Edinburgh. He has been an extensive traveler, visiting Africa, the Arctic seas, and many parts of Europe. His first story was accepted when he was nineteen years old, and his first book, A Study in Scarlet, was sold outright for *25. Then came Micah Clarke, The Sign of the Four, The White Company -- and so his reputation as one of the most popular English novelists was firmly established. It is said that Dr. Doyle's detective stories were what first brought him to the attention of Americans. That they rank with the best ever written is generally recognized. Although chiefly known as a story-teller, Dr. Doyle has been an occasional contributor of verse to the leading English and American magazines for years. A collection of verse was published in England several years ago and republished in this country, in 1898, by Doubleday, McClure & Co., under the title Songs of Action. Many of his poems have never appeared in book form. The vivid imagination, clearness of expression, and intense interest that distinguish his prose are marked characteristics of his verse. The selections reprinted here are chiefly from the American edition of Songs of Action.

A Hunting Morning
The Blind Archer
The Old Huntsman
Pennarby Mine


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